Biden pitches for students with a total debt forgiveness of $39bn

  is sending out clear and pleasant messages to the American people ahead of the midterms in November that his administration cares for the American people unlike the ultra-right-wing republicans who only want to endorse ex-President Donald Trump’s claims of a stolen election, fueling Capitol Hill riots and “fake claims” of a bad economy.

The Democrats Department of Education’s decision to cancel $3.9 billion in student loan debt associated with ITT Technical Institute, a private, for-profit educational chain that went bankrupt six years ago is a clear signal to the students that it has conceded their demands and cares. The department will automatically cancel all loans for students who attended ITT from January 2005 to September 2016, affecting roughly 208,000 borrowers.

The debt forgiveness comes atop Biden’s signing into law the historic climate change, health care, and inflation reduction besides the semiconductor bill and a slew of other measures aimed at improving the general welfare of the Americans, especially the poor, urban middle class families with low drug prices, tax incentives and creating more jobs.

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