The feeling you get near big creatures…

There is a particular feeling, when you are near something enormous in its natural habitat… does that feeling have a name?

Think of being in a boat, and a whale swims by.  In the wilderness and seeing moose, or elephants.  Standing amidst enormous trees stretching uptowards the sky.

Creatures so big, on an individual level we are forgettable to them.  They might feel about us the way we feel about pigeons or squirrels.

For me the feeling is restful, and awe inspiring, and comforting.  Maybe it’s why I thought dinosaurs were so cool as a kid, because the enormous nature of their fossilized bones made even big people seem small. The first encounter with the brachiosaurs in Jurassic Park must be one of the best depictions of this feeling in film that I can think of.

So… questions

  1. Is there a name for this feeling? Perhaps in a language other than English?
  2. Why do you think big creatures make us feel this way?  What sense within us are they calling out to?
  3. (Particularly for those who are skeptical of such things existing to begin with) Would you say this counts as a ‘spiritual’ feeling?
  4. Have you got an encounter with a large creature in your past, that you can share? How did it make you feel?

Sir Tainley

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