Doctors Admit ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Causes Infertility

The truth is finally coming out regarding “gender-affirming care.” As with every cultural rule the Left wants to enforce, the reality comes out after the four stages of gaslighting. Stage one is when the Right notices what they are doing, and the Left denies it is happening. Then the Left concedes it is happening and challenges you to justify caring. Then the Left calls anyone who disagrees the appropriate ‘ist or a ‘phobe.

Then, finally, they start telling the truth and hope the name-calling silences any objections. Since the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh broke the story about gender transition services for minors at Vanderbilt University Hospital, the truth has been coming out at alarming speed.

Spencer Lundquist from Breitbart News shared videos of a presentation by Dr. Jeremi Carswell, director of the gender clinic at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Her commentary confirms something the radical trans activists, including some physicians, have denied for years. Taking puberty blockers can sterilize children. During an online presentation, Carswell said:

Fertility. Another huge topic, right? Because if you are giving something that actually shuts down estrogen or shuts down testosterone entirely, you’re going to stop, either if you had already been kind or producing sperm or eggs, then, um, you’re going to stop doing that. And if you never started, you’re not going to advance the gonads to be able to do that.

So, for my population, when we have, um, say, like a 12 or a 13-year-old testicle-bearing person, who hasn’t really had too much puberty and we’re talking about, okay, we’re going to put in a [puberty] blocker. Then you’re going to start on estrogen, guess what. You don’t have any sperm, and you’re not going to get them because we reverse everything. That’s a big deal. And that is something you must have the conversation about.

Try to ignore that, she said “testicle-bearing person.” Providers who are as deep in the ideology as Carswell are long gone.

Other risks and consequences of puberty-blocking drugs on the slide Carswell covers include bone health, brain maturation, and height. She also cannot answer with certainty whether children who receive puberty blockers early will be able to achieve orgasm as adults. Imagine taking an oath to first do no harm and then providing treatment with open questions like that. Still, Carswell contends that puberty-blocking drugs are being given to children “like candy” and often without a mental health consultation.