Durham stumbles in Danchenko trial: Judge dismisses one of five counts against Steele dossier source

A federal judge on Friday dismissed one of the five criminal charges special counsel John Durham lodged against Russian analyst Igor Dancehnko before sending the remaining four charges to a jury.

U.S. District Judge Anthony J. Trenga ruled that Mr. Durham didn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Danchenko, a prime source for the anti-Trump dossier that helped spur the FBI‘s Trump-Russia collusion probe, lied to the FBI during a June 15, 2017 interview.

“That the FBI wanted to obtain as much information as possible doesn’t change the meaning of the words used,” Judge Trenga said from the bench. “Here the government has not presented any evidence that Mr. Danchenko understood the word ‘talk’ to mean more than the standard accepted meaning.”