Trump allies using false election claims, images of war to recruit ex-military as poll workers

“Beat the cheat,” urges a video recruiting military veterans to the effort.

Military planes dropping bombs, battleships at the ready, scores of soldiers marching in the streets — and across the screen flashes the words, “Your country needs you once again.”

“Beat the cheat,” the video urges viewers.

The footage is from a new recruitment video released by The America Project, an organization led by prominent election deniers Patrick Byrne, the former CEO, and retired general Michael Flynn, a former Trump national security adviser, who have joined forces in the final weeks leading up to the midterm elections to recruit ex-military and first responders to staff polling locations around the country.

The America Project has so far trained almost 6,000 poll workers in just Pennsylvania alone, according to Flynn’s brother Michael Flynn, who is the group’s president. The training is separate and additional to training from election officials.

“They won’t be able to steal this election the same way they stole 2020!” he tweeted.

The recruitment of poll workers based on unproven claims of voter fraud has raised alarm bells with some election experts.