Opinion: Obama just gave Democrats their perfect closing message

Former President Barack Obama took to the road this weekend to help Democratic candidates in the key battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin. Obama served up the perfect closing question for voters: “Who will fight for your freedom?”

The answer clearly is the Democratic Party, and the former President delivered that message, pointing to threats to reproductive rights and same-sex marriage by some Republicans.

 “Is it Republican politicians and judges who think they should get to decide when you start a family or how many children you should have, or who you marry or who you love?” Obama continued, “Or is it Democratic leaders who believe that the freedom to make these most intimate personal decisions belong to every American, not politicians, mostly men, sitting somewhere in Washington?”

The 44th President then put it pointedly: “That’s the choice in this election; that’s what you have to decide.”

Obama did address the challenges of inflation and the economy. After acknowledging the pain caused by rising prices, he noted, “Who’s going to do something about it? Republicans are having a field day running ads talking about it, but what is their actual solution to it?”

Obama pointed out that inflation is a global issue – not a uniquely American one – as a result of problems caused by the pandemic and Russia’s war with Ukraine. There’s no easy solution because if there were, leaders of each country would’ve reduced inflation already.

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