Dave Chappelle Double Downs on Kanye’s Anti-Semitism

You can watch the video of Chappelle here:

From a Jewish perspective, there was one highly alarming moments in Dave’s set.

This moment is 6:45-7:23:

“You could adopt the delusion that the Jews run show business. It’s not a crazy thing to think“.

Noting Jews are active in show business is not anti-semitic. Claiming that ”Jews” “run” show business / hollywood is anti-semitic to the extent that alleging any non-existent Jewish cabal exists is anti-semitic insofar as it utilizes an anti-semitic stereotype about a non-existent Jewish cabal.

Stereotyping any other group is considered bigoted, but when it’s done to Jews, it can be considered entertainment, as Dave’s case illustrates. This is cause for alarm.

The question for discussion is:

Short of a PR or advertising campaign which targets anti-semitic tropes and canards, what can be done to increase both understanding and awareness of anti-semitism?