HERE COMES THE FLOOD: Biden Regime Boasts “Full Steam Ahead” on Terminating Title 42, Welcoming 30,000 Illegal Aliens EVERY DAY

Since assuming power, Joe Biden has deliberately orchestrated the worst border disaster in American history to pacify the radical left. An announcement from his regime on Wednesday, however, will make us long for the current crisis.

An unnamed Biden administration official told CBS News that Biden intends on ending Title 42, a Donald Trump-era pandemic rule blocking asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, as scheduled on December 21. The Department of Homeland Security, the official said, “continues to charge full steam ahead.”

Biden’s border policies have also resulted in the worst fentanyl crisis in our history. In 2021, almost 108,000 died from fentanyl overdoses. These deaths occurred disproportionately in rural, Trump-supporting communities. As Senator-elect J.D. Vance told Jim Hoft back in April,  “it’s like Joe Biden wants to punish the people who didn’t vote for him and opening up the floodgates to the border is one way to do it.”