Ukraine: Russia to deploy musicians to front to boost morale

Russia says it will deploy musicians to the front lines of its war in Ukraine in a bid to boost morale.

The defence ministry announced the formation of the “front-line creative brigade” this week, saying it would include both vocalists and musicians.

The UK’s ministry of defence highlighted the brigade’s creation in an intelligence update on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu visited frontline troops in Ukraine, the government said.

In a statement posted to Telegram, the defence ministry said Mr Shoigu “flew around the areas of deployment of troops and checked the advanced positions of Russian units in the zone of the special military operation”.

It added that he “spoke with troops on the frontline” and at a “command post” – but the BBC cannot confirm when the visit took place or whether Mr Shoigu visited Ukraine itself.

The reported visit comes as UK defence officials said low morale continues to be a “significant vulnerability across much of the Russian force”.

The UK said the new creative brigade – which follows a recent campaign, urging the public to donate musical instruments to troops – is in keeping with the historic use of “military music and organised entertainment” to boost morale.

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