Congress revises Electoral Count Act that Trump used to pressure Pence on Jan. 6

The 117th Congress in its final days revised the antiquated 1887 Electoral Count Act that caused chaos when the current slate of lawmakers were sworn in nearly two years ago.

Pushed through the must-pass spending bill, senators and representatives have made clear a vice president does not have the power to overturn a presidential election.

The change is likely the only recommendation of the House Jan. 6 committee that will pass Congress, especially when Republicans control the lower chamber next year and Democrats control the Senate, and it comes days before the House committee expires.

“Through the funding bill, we are ending the 117th Congress by protecting our democracy through reforming the Electoral Count Act,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday.

Sen. Chris Murphy, who helped write the changes, said they needed to pass “to make sure the next presidential election isn’t stolen.”


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