GOP Strategists Cast Doubt on Kari Lake’s Political Future, Relationship with Trump: ‘You Can’t be a Loser’

Kari Lake’s political future is in doubt, as is her standing with former President Donald Trump ahead of 2024, two Republican Party strategists told The Hill.

Chuck Coughlin, a GOP consultant based in Arizona, told the outlet the race for governor is over.

“I think the enormous amount of ill will that she’s going to create as a result of the appeal — I mean, it’s OK to file a case, but then some of the stuff she’s been saying on media and posts and just the degradation of the Arizona institutions — I think is really going to hurt her out here,” Coughlin said. “And I don’t really think she’s got a future in terms of her own electoral space here in Arizona.”

Another Arizona Republican consultant named Barrett Marson said Lake might have dashed any hope of latching on to Trump’s 2024 presidential bid, given the fact she lost to Hobbs.

“If she had won this race, if she had become governor, yes,” said Marson of Lake as a potential Trump running mate. “But now — you can be a lot of things in Trump World, but you can’t be a loser.”