Mother sues school district after 8th-grade daughter allegedly strip searched 

The school principal allegedly believed the girl had a vape pen on her.

The mother of an Ohio middle schooler is suing her daughter’s school district, alleging a nurse’s aide strip searched the girl.

Then, the lawsuit says the teen was taken to the nurse’s office. There, a nurse’s aide Rosalyn Rubertino allegedly forced the middle schooler to strip down to only her underwear after the middle school’s assigned nurse Megan Kuhlman — who was not present at the time — allegedly instructed her to do so over the phone.

The lawsuit states that the body search also turned up empty. Following the search, the teen was suspended from the school.

James Macy, chair of the School Law section at von Briesen law firm, said the question of whether schools are justified in strip searching students rests on if they have “reasonable evidence” indicating the student has “contraband or illegal substances” that present safety concerns to the student or others.

“What’s the evidence? To what degree do we have any immediacy to health and safety issues? And then to what degree do we work with law enforcement and the parents to address the situation?” Macy told ABC News. “All of that comes into play before a decision is made.”