‘To Hell with It’: A GOP Congressman Reflects on His One Term in Trump’s Party

Michigan’s Peter Meijer torches Trump, Democratic ‘cynicism’ and won’t rule out another run.  

Meijer had been a freshman representative for all of three days when the Jan. 6, 2021 riot happened. Seven days later, he cast one of his first votes in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, who spent the next 19 months vowing revenge against Meijer and nine other GOP members who supported the effort to hold Trump accountable

Wren: What do you think your biggest accomplishment was in Congress?

Meijer: Being part of the team that passed the Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Recognition Act of 2021. Folks who are suffering the consequences of that exposure can be diagnosed and treated and have better outcomes.

Wren: How would you describe the state of the Michigan Republican Party today, post-midterms?

Meijer: Highly uncertain. The midterm elections were a bloodbath in the state. We lost control of the state house and the state senate for the first time in 40 years. We don’t have any prominent statewide elected offices at all. All the Democratic incumbents swept, obviously. West Michigan will have its first Democratic representation in Congress since Watergate. It’s a pretty bleak outcome. In a moment that should force a lot of introspection, I’ve seen a lot of folks who are responsible for the debacle only rising in stature.