Kevin McCarthy: Three ways the House Speaker stalemate could finally end

Two days of voting are in the books, and the US House of Representatives isn’t any closer to electing a Speaker.

In fact, the chamber may be farther away. Kevin McCarthy, who has served as the party’s House majority leader for four years, has 20 Republicans standing between him and the gavel – and they aren’t budging.

Matt Gaetz, one of those so-called “Never Kevins”, described Mr McCarthy as a “desperate guy” and said his request was simple: “For him to drop out of the race.”

Mr McCarthy, for his part, pushed for the House to adjourn until Thursday, guaranteeing a third day of voting.

“I don’t think a vote tonight will make a difference,” he said, insisting that progress was being made. “But a vote in the future will.”

With that in mind, here are three ways that future vote could turn out: