White Nationalist Vincent James Would Happily Live in a ‘Society Where They Throw Gays Off Roofs’

“Which one would you rather have: trains to be on time [and] society to function or … society to be completely dysfunctional and totally homosexual and they’re turning your kids gay?” James asked. “I’d say I choose the functional society where they throw gays off roofs and make women wear wear [hijabs].”

James is an unapologetic racistantisemitemisogynistconspiracy theorist, and fascist who currently serves as the treasurer of white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ America First organization. He has used his livestream program, broadcast on Fuentes’ “anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Black, antisemitic” platform, to openly advocate for throwing gay people off of buildings before, as well as calling for women to be stripped of their rights and the establishment of a Christian Taliban in this country that will “dominate without mercy.