Capitol rioters ‘humbled’ as federal prosecutors are ‘crushing’ J6 insurrection cases: analyst

First, he said, was today’s sentencing of Erik Herrera, the Los Angeles-based Capitol rioter who trashed the Senate Parliamentarian’s office and stole a liquor bottle from the room.

“The judge slammed Herrera for making arguments she said she didn’t buy, that he was immediately regretful of his actions, that he had come here that day to be a journalist, and a photographer. The judge said the evidence showed otherwise,” said MacFarlane. “Herrera went to trial, and he lost, was convicted on all counts, and today, sentenced to 48 months in prison.”

Another case with significant developments, MacFarlane continued, was that of Richard “Bigo” Barnett, the Arkansas man who was famously photographed with his feet up on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office desk. 

“Barnett has been outside the court almost jovial in mood, smiling, greeting people, showing optimism about his prospects,” said MacFarlane. “But late today, the judge asked in so many words to Barnett’s defense team, is Mr. Barnett going to take the stand next week at trial? The defense said, we’ll figure that over the weekend.”