New York lawmakers seek cap on insulin costs

A cap on insulin costs, new measures to prevent price gouging of prescription drugs and notifying patients of when prices for drugs change was part of a health care affordability package approved Tuesday by the Democratic-led state Senate.

The measures are part of a broader effort by lawmakers to demonstrate how they are addressing rising inflation that has hurt New Yorkers’ pocketbooks in the last several years.

“The average cost of living for New York families continues to bind households, where hard choices between paying the utility bill or covering the cost of insulin are made every day,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “These packages of legislation will help ease these burdens by lowering the cost of various prescription drugs, optimizing market prices, cutting away unnecessary red tape, and streamlining services for the middle and working class.”

The bills approved Tuesday include a cap on insulin from $100 per prescription per month to $30 per month. Another measure would require prescription drug makers to provide a minimum notice of two months of their plans to raise wholesale prescription drug costs.



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