Man convicted of child rape found dead in prison after molesting, starving children with partner 

39-year-old Andrew Hadwin of County Durham in the United Kingdom, who was “convicted of raping a child” according to the BBC, was found dead in his HMP Durham prison cell on Thursday.

As The Daily Mail reports, Hadwin was convicted of three counts of rape, child abuse, and perverting the course of justice, as he and his partner Cheryl Pickles “tormented children over several years – starving them, feeding them soap and pushing them into boiling hot showers and baths.”

The Department of Justice confirmed Hadwin’s death to the Daily Mail and said, “HMP Durham prisoner Andrew Hadwin died on 2 February. As with all deaths in custody, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate.”

The Durham Constabulary launched an investigation into Hadwin and Pickles in 2018 after one of their children told an adult about the abuse. The inquiry lasted four years with over 150 witnesses testifying to what Hadwin and Pickles did to their children.

According to authorities, the pair would hold their kids’ heads under water, including in boiling hot baths, and would not feed them for prolonged periods of time. They would lock the kids in cupboards and dangled one child over a bridge as traffic sped by underneath.


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