Has Someone Taken Over Fetterman’s Office Because He Can’t Do What Was Just Announced

What is going on at Sen. John Fetterman’s (D-PA) office? I ask because the senator, who hospitalized and under medical observation, is apparently joining legislative efforts and co-signing legislation. Someone the people of Pennsylvania didn’t elect is acting in Fetterman’s capacity. It’s not shocking that Democrats are pushing a new framework to enhance train safety after the horrific derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, which could devolve into an environmental fiasco. What is eyebrow-raising is Fetterman saying he’s joined this effort while being sidelined for possibly a month due to clinical depression. And if you ask his staff on Twitter about it, they reportedly block you.

So, do we believe Fetterman has co-signed bipartisan legislation to improve freight safety standards? No. Unless his office wants to clarify, but they don’t. Who is running the office and signing off on lawmaking efforts? Because it’s not John right now. We have an unelected imposter serving the Keystone State, and that’s a scandal.