“No Nuclear Escalation” Italy shuts US up

Recently, Russia announced that it abandoned the last remaining START Treaties with the US. And so, it will restart boosting its nuclear armaments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also announced that he prefers resuming testing of Nuclear weapons, and this announcement gave a perfect reason to the West to do what it does the best, warmongering.

The US has again started its war mongering that a nuclear war is coming for Europe. Citing Putin’s speech on closure of START Treaty, several Western media outlets have again started projections of nuclear attacks and debating on aspects of a nuclear fallout. These moves have again started fuelling fear in Europeans. But, is that so?

Is Russia actually so naive that it will trigger a nuclear attack on Europe on purpose? Will it purposely make more cities like Chernobyl again?

Absolutely not. The Western white lies have met a reality check from Italy.

While the US media continues its attempts to stoke insecurity and fear of nuclear fallout in Europe, Italy’s intelligence shows the exact environment in Russia over nuclear weapons is completely different.

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