Ukraine & Horseshoe Political Theory

There are two commenters on BNR you are probably familiar with, if you are reading this article. 

Let’s call them Greenarm and Sammy Samoa, as I am quite sure rules do not permit me to use their actual names. 

If you are a liberal / centrist / moderate / neoliberal, Greenarm probably strikes you as a right-winger and / or right wing libertarian. Greenarm thinks the four aforementioned groups are “Biden cultists”. Greenarm writes comments with a noticeable pro-Kremlin slant:

“Russia believes Ukraine poses a threat and they acted. It’s terrible but it’s not odd behavior for a nation.”

“NATO has been encircling Russia beyond previous agreements made.”

“There are MSM articles about the Nazi problem in Ukraine.”

Moving on to Sammy Samoa.

If you are a centrist / moderate / neoliberal, Sammy Samoa probably strikes you as a left winger or someone on the far-left, depending on the comment. 

Truthfully, sometimes Sammy Samoa posts interesting liberal thoughts. Even if the following isn’t true, it is sort of an interesting concept:

“One of the things that neoconservatives hate about Trump is the way he admits what is really going on rather than obfuscate.”

Sammy Samoa will also throw punches at the Catholic Church, which is still par for the course for liberals. But then things get trickier with Sammy Samoa. Sammy Samoa is adamant that the the CIA, MI6 and Mossad are all “terrorist organizations”.

Of course, this is an incredibly far-left statement. How many of the top five democratic candidates in 2020 would have agreed that the aforementioned entities are “terrorist organizations”? I would argue zero, even if Bernie says something critical about the CIA to cover his left flank. 

They say the Second World War was won with Soviet Blood, British Intelligence, and American steel. In addition to protecting Jews, Mossad has stopped numerous terrorist plots in Europe in recent years. And though I will admit the CIA does not have an immaculate history, I believe that Americans who put their lives on the line today, unnecessarily, are doing so in my best interests and in the interests of our country. 

To compare these entities with the 9/11 hijackers or the Boston bombers, or any other actual terrorist, is an insult to everyone who has ever been killed or injured by an actual terrorist. 

Where Sammy Samoa’s comments get super interesting are on Ukraine. One would expect Sammy Samoa to be a supporter of Ukraine. But Sammy Samoa… is on the same page as Greenarm with regards to Ukraine:

“Biden and Blinken started the war with anti-Russia belligerence and threatening Russia with the expansion of NATO into Ukraine.”

“The Russians are there to defend against white power aggression.”

“As you completely ignore the vicious brutality of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and the American neoconservatives on the other side of the frontier.”

Sammy Samoa’s views are perhaps bust summed up thus: 

“The Democratic party has subjugated itself to the interests of ultra-nationalists in Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. That is far worse than the Republican party subjugating itself to the interests of the Klan. Neither party represents the interests of the general American populace.”

What I find fun about horseshoe political theory is that whenever it comes up, it is interesting and perhaps unexpected. 

In this case, we have two individuals with vastly different views, finding agreement regarding questionable conclusions on Ukraine. 

The question for discussion is: 

Does this instance of horseshoe political theory surprise you? 

Ukraine & Horseshoe Political Theory