Why doesn’t Biden care about the police officers killed or injured in the BLM riots?

Biden’s concern over police officers is quite clearly disingenuous. If he did actually care about police, he would have said something about the more than 2,000 police officers injured during the 2020 George Floyd riots. There was also the incident in which rioters tried to burn down a police precinct in Seattle with officers still in the building. But Biden has not said a word about those experiences. That was “good” rioting, and what happened at the Capitol was “bad” rioting, so we only care about the police officers in the latter case. If Biden was genuinely concerned about the safety of police officers facing political violence, he doesn’t even have to go back to 2020. He could go back to earlier this week, when antifa thugs and other left-wing revolutionaries, once again, attacked a police training facility in Georgia. As an absolute surprise to no one, Biden has yet to mention or condemn that violence.

Biden doesn’t care about police officers; he never has. They only matter to him when it comes time for political endorsements or when he can use them as political pawns. His outrage is nothing more than political theater. Police officers throughout the country should condemn Biden for this exploitation.

Biden’s tweet of empathy toward police officers was as authentic as his fake White House studio or any of the numerous other falsehoods he has told since January 2021. Additionally, his tweet was indicative of the hyperbolic fearmongering and division that Biden has made a staple of his presidency. As usual, no one should believe anything President Joe Biden says, especially when he is pretending to defend police officers.