How leftists help you


Progressivism’s response to issues of concern to the proletariat:

Since 2010, GDP has increased 53%, from $15T to $23.4T.  Since 2010, total government debt has increased 157%, from $14T to $36T.  Government debt has increased three times faster than national productivity.  Not to worry…we handle that by raising the debt ceiling, selling treasuries, and printing money.

Household debt is $17T.  We’ll help by canceling student loan debt ($1.8T).  You can show your appreciation at the ballot box, or by early or absentee voting.

Inflation persists, triggered in large part by the post-COVID fiscal stimulus programs the government cavalierly infused into the economy after shutting it down in homage to “science.”  Maybe, but we can blame it all on Russia.

Recent bank failures have occurred, due in part to Fed-mandated interest rate hikes instituted to combat the inflation it helped start in the first place.  We’re on it.  We’ll bail them out, probably with your money, especially if they funded the Tech industry…big Democrat donors.

Middle-class share of the U.S. aggregate income has fallen from 62% in 1970 to 43% in 2018.  Yes, but we’ll continue to send blue-collar manufacturing jobs to Asia.  Let them be responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, not us.  And since most of the ultra-wealthy in the nation are now of the left, we’re no longer too concerned with income inequality.

Health care costs amount to 18% of GDP, due largely to drugs, devices, and end-of-life care.  Assuring universal access to health care through Medicaid expansion will somehow take care of that.