Is new strain of paranoid leftism making American teens, young adults sick?

Amid an epidemic of despair and depression sweeping through American adolescents, media and political attention has settled largely on social media and pandemic-era social distancing as culprits. All the while, an accumulating body of evidence has been quietly signaling an additional mental health risk factor many would prefer to sweep under the rug: a modern version of leftist ideology that portrays a frightening world imperiled by dangers ranging from pervasive “white supremacy” and existential “threats to our democracy” to imminent environmental doom…

The attitudes, behaviors and ideologies exhibited by primary caregivers have a profound impact on mental well-being of children. This includes parents’ political ideologies, which research clearly shows are often passed onto their children and may have a huge impact on how a child sees the world. Indeed, a paper published in December by researchers at Columbia University found that teens whose political ideologies lean left are far more likely to be unhappy than teens with more conservative beliefs.

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