Republicans vs. government wokeness: Here’s what it will take to root out this dangerous ideology

In recent months, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of Republican elected officials vocally criticizing programs and policies that advance “wokeness,” or left-wing racialist ideology, at the federal or state level. This is a positive development and a sign that more Republican policymakers have recognized the significant threat posed by the prevalence of ideologies such as critical race theory in our society’s key institutions.

But if Republicans are serious about this fight, they need to recognize an important and uncomfortable reality: woke ideology is now embedded within the very DNA of the federal bureaucracy. It increasingly guides day-to-day decisions on everything from health care to transportation, weaponizing government to divide America’s into “oppressor” and “oppressed” and to punish them according to their identity.

How should policymakers approach this problem?

First, they must understand that ending the threat of a woke and weaponized government will require more than simply eliminating a few line items in the budget or repealing a few executive orders. Instead, it will require dismantling and radically transforming large parts of the federal bureaucracy and ripping these toxic ideologies root and branch out of our government.

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