On white nationalist program, Mark Lamb defends man who shot Ralph Yarl: “He was trying to protect his property … now he’s being persecuted”

U.S. Senate candidate and Republican sheriff Mark Lamb went on the program of white nationalist Stew Peters, where he defended the recent shooting of Ralph Yarl. Lamb told Peters that the shooting was “tragic” and shooter Andrew Lester “was trying to protect his property, stand his ground” and ”now he’s being persecuted.” 

Peters is a streaming host who has repeatedly advocated for violence against his perceived enemies. He is a white nationalist who has told his audience that “Blacks commit the most violent crimes. PERIOD” and claimed that Black people are prone to criminality in part because of a “genetic” predisposition. He also has a history of making antisemitic remarks, demonizing LGBTQ people, and pushing fringe conspiracy theories, including about school shootings.