Oklahoma Rapist Sent Eerie Texts the Night Before Seven Bodies Were Found

Texts from Jesse McFadden’s final night alive have shed light onto what may have been going through the convicted rapist’s mind just before cops found his body and six others—including two missing teens—abandoned on his rural Oklahoma property.

Records show that McFadden, 39, was due in court Monday morning for a hearing on charges of soliciting sexual conduct with a minor and for possessing child pornography, but he never showed.

The woman central to that probe—who reportedly accused McFadden of sexting with her from his jail cell when she was 16—sent screenshots of eerie texts from McFadden to Fox 23. In the messages, he appears to blame her for not dropping the charges levied against him.

“I did exactly what I promised I would do when I got out,” McFadden texted the woman Sunday night. “I got a marketing job making great money and was being advanced (sic) been there 2 years now and made a great life like I promised I would do with you.”

McFadden became more pointed in his next messages, telling the unnamed woman, “This is all on you for continuing this.”

In separate messages, he reportedly texted the woman, “Now it’s all gone,” and that “I told you I wouldn’t go back.”

While the cryptic texts shed light into McFadden’s mental state, many questions remain about what happened Sunday night on the outskirts of Henryetta, Oklahoma, a small town roughly an hour south of Tulsa.

Some family members of the victims have accused McFadden of murder, but local cops have yet to make that distinction. When reached by phone, an employee at the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office told The Daily Beast that updates would be posted to the agency’s Facebook page “soon.”

Cops announced the grisly discovery on Monday, but haven’t released anything beyond the number of people found dead and where they were found—somewhere on McFadden’s sweeping property.

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