WATCH: Shooter Fires Into Fox TV Station As Staff Run For Cover

Nathan’s mother told Fox 13 Memphis that her son had struggled with mental health problems and had been treated at Memphis’ Lakeside Behavioral Health facility.

A friend of the suspect also told the station that Nathan may have been motivated by the belief that Fox 13 Memphis had more footage of the January 2023 police killing of Tyre Nichols than was previously made publicly available. She said he had been talking about the case “a lot” just days before Tuesday’s shooting and claimed Nathan had contacted her following the incident, asking her to meet him at the station and to pick up his gun.

Following the shooting, Nathan reportedly fled to the nearby restaurant Ubee’s, where he “holed up” in the bathroom before he was apprehended by police. Jermaine Morris, an employee of the restaurant, described the incident as “some GTA 5 bullsh*t” during an interview with the station.