Cats and Dogs

In nature, there are cats (Felis Catus, Order: Carnivora, Family: Felidae), which are thought to have self-domesticated… kind of… (if you believe in this ‘evolution’ stuff) and dogs (Canis Familiaris, Order: Canivora, Family Canidae) which are the oldest domesticated animals (again, if you believe in this ‘evolution’ stuff).

These species are… very different.   They have a relationship with us in common… and that ain’t much.

And yet, there are troves of anecdotal evidence–at least–of cats behaving like dogs, and dogs behaving like cats!  This, of course, is a disgusting perversion of nature.  Things are meant to be exactly as they were created, and it is sinful to accept it, allow it, or encourage them, to be otherwise.

Basically, letting a cat act like a dog is the moral equivalent of enjoying lobster: it is an ABOMINATION!


  1. What should be done to animals who refuse to behave in a manner in accordance with their ‘nature.’
  2. What should be done to the owners who allow/encourage such behaviour? Should they be trusted with owning animals?  Does the government have an obligation to interfere to stop this PERVERSION of nature?
  3. Do you have any stories about Cats who acted like Dogs, or vice versa?

Sir Tainley

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