‘Biggest fail in campaign launches in history’: Ron DeSantis is mocked for shambolic Twitter room presidential announcement

  • Ron DeSantis on Wednesday night was due to launch his presidential campaign live on Twitter, during a 6pm ET discussion with Elon Musk
  • The launch was immediately hit with technical problems: it began late, and then crashed swiftly 
  • Frantic tech advisers could be heard in the background, as the moderator David Sacks declared that so many people were listening it melted the internet 

Ron DeSantis has been ridiculed online for his attempt to launch his presidential campaign on Twitter, with tech failures preventing the discussion with Elon Musk

The launch was due to take place on Wednesday at 6pm Eastern Time.

Yet Twitter was unable to cope with the traffic, and the servers repeatedly crashed.

The event was initially delayed by several minutes, and when it began the audio frequently cut out.

Moderator David Sacks said so many people were trying to listen that it was ‘melting the internet’.

By 6:30pm, the audio was down and DeSantis was yet to utter a word. They began again around 10 minutes later.

The internet erupted in mockery. 

‘Biggest fail in campaign launches in history’: DeSantis mocked for shambolic Twitter launch | Daily Mail Online