The Musk-DeSantis Announcement Is A Win For Free Speech But Exposes The Dark Reality Of Modern America

Elon Musk has established himself as a champion of free speech with his acquisition of Twitter, but his foray into electoral politics may not be such a good sign for the country.

While it’s good he shares a vision with and is willing to promote a strong conservative presidential candidate like Ron DeSantis, it highlights the dangerous role oligarchs play in American society.

Musk is as close as it gets to what Plato called a “philosopher king” – a member of the ruling elite who applies his knowledge of philosophy to exercise power to maximize happiness for all citizens. Plato believed this philosopher king was the ideal ruler of a society. 

Now, America is short on philosophers these days (at least as the Greeks understood them), and we certainly never had any kings. Yet Musk is somewhat of a modern equivalent. Musk is the ultimate insider for understanding how our dysfunctional society works. He is a titan among oligarchs, far exceeding other billionaires in power, wealth and access to virtually all the halls of American power – from tech and finance to green energy and government. With that comes an understanding of how they have simultaneously been weaponized for an insurgent left-wing ideology. His unlimited financial resources give him near-absolute power as the new “king” of Twitter.