Target shopper tears down Pride sign as fury over LGBTQ merch spills into aisles

Target shoppers fuming over the retailer’s LGBTQ merchandise — including “tuck-friendly” swimwear — have stormed some stores to tear down Pride signs, badger workers and even leave a case of Bud Light alongside the offending items.

The Minneapolis-based chain — which has lost $9 billion in the last week following boycott calls over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing — has announced it will remove some of the offending items partly due to their workers’ safety fears.

The online fury spilling over into the aisles includes one MAGA hat-wearing provocateur who was filmed ripping down a “#TakePride” sign from a clothing rack of LGBTQ apparel.

Ethan Schmidt — a 24-year-old far-right internet personality who previously made headlines for his off-color remarks — is seen tossing the rainbow-colored sign to the floor before stomping on it and kicking it in the 19-second clip.

Another self-proclaimed patriot and activist, Scott LoBaido, filmed himself on Wednesday at a Staten Island Target location shouting: “Memorial Day weekend, where is the display supporting and showing homage to the men and women of the military?”

Schmidt wears a red MAGA hat and patriotic T-shirt as he stomps on the pro-LGBTQ+ sign.
Angry Patriot 1776

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