POLL: Most Americans Believe the Country’s Homeless Problem is Worsening

According to a Rasmussen poll, 86% of American adults believe that the country’s homelessness problem is serious, which includes 55% who view it as a very serious problem. Only 10% of respondents don’t view homelessness in America as a serious problem.

59% of respondents believe the homelessness problem in the United States has worsened in the past two years, while only 12% believe the homelessness problem has improved. 22% believe the homelessness problem has roughly stayed the same.

32% of Americans believe the federal government should be primarily in charge of tackling the homelessness problem. By contrast, 39% believe state governments should be responsible for tackling the homelessness issue, while 15% indicated that local governments should handle the issue.

56% of Democratic voters, 58% of Republican voters, and 52% of independent voters rated homelessness as a very serious problem in America.


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