Proud Boys and Other Patriots Confront and then Strip the Masks Off of White Nationalists at Oregon Protest

Yesterday during a “flag-wave” at an Oregon City protest, a white nationalist group known as the Rose City Nationalists attempted to mix ranks with the Portland Chapter of the Proud Boys.  Video posted shows the Proud Boys pushing back these efforts and insisting on the group removing their masks and leaving the area.

After pushing and shouting and a brief confrontation, several of the white nationalist group members had their masks ripped off as they fled, attempting to cover their faces.

The Rose City Nationals is a self-proclaimed “pro-white” group in the Pacific Northwest that attempted to join ranks with the Proud Boys in protesting the grooming of children.  The Proud Boys have been under constant scrutiny from Mockingbird outlets claiming the group is a “racist organization” at the behest of US agencies as part of a narrative spread around January 6th.  This is despite the fact that the organization was founded by a black-Hispanic American and includes several minority members.

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