25 Holiday Mass Shootings: 25 Killed, 161 Injured, 0 MAGA Hats Recovered

If you think the skies were exploding over the long Independence Day weekend, wait until you hear what was going on in the mean streets of mostly blue cities nationwide.

The nation celebrated our freedom from British tyranny with 25 mass shootings from June 30 until the morning of July 5. One-hundred-sixty-one people were ventilated, and 25 gave up the ghost.

Chicago (of course) kicked off the summer’s July 4 “Festival of Lead” celebration with a good, old-fashioned drive-by mass shooting that left one dead and three injured. The Windy City had a similar shooting days later, leaving one dead and four wounded after roughly 100 rounds were fired at an Independence Day party. Chicago’s top police officer claimed that the cops should have “done more” and broken up the party before the shooting, relieving the “gun nuts” of responsibility for spreading mad brass around Chicago’s Southside.

The most dramatic mass shooting lack of impulse control occurred in Baltimore where two were killed and a whopping 28 were injured, most of them teens.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott — playing both sides of the racial coin — whined that white mass shootings get more attention than those committed by black folks. I guess he doesn’t realize the Pravda press purposely hides the level of black mass shootings in the U.S. while trying to unscrupulously pin the majority of them on drooling, white men in MAGA hats despite overwhelming evidence that a vast majority of mass shootings are committed by black people.

Fort Worth, Texas — refusing to be outdone by Chicago — racked up two mass shootings for a total of three killed and 12 wounded at their yearly Como Fest, a black celebration.

Many of the usual suspect cities, Indy, Cleveland, and D.C., chimed in and hosted a mass blasting.

Philly played host to the shooting with the most fatalities with five killed and two injured.

Detroit and St. Louis, the two blue cities that frequently slug it out for the honor of being called the “murder capital,” were suspiciously absent from the mass holiday shootouts.


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