Chuck Norris settles ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ pay lawsuit with CBS

Chuck Norris has settled a lawsuit – which alleged that he was owed more than $30 million in profits from his time on “Walker, Texas Ranger” – against CBS. 

“The parties have resolved the dispute,” a spokesperson for CBS told FOX Business on Wednesday, regarding the settlement for an undisclosed amount. 

Last Friday, Norris’ lawyer requested a dismissal of the lawsuit “without prejudice” in Los Angeles Superior Court, which named Norris’ production company, Top Kick Productions, as a plaintiff and CBS as the defendant, according to documents obtained by FOX Business.

The lawsuit, filed in 2019, said Norris’ “Walker, Texas Ranger” contract stipulated that he be paid 23% of “any, and all” profits from the show but that CBS was “self-dealing” and distributed the show in a way to avoid paying his production company, “cost[ing] Top Kick millions of dollars in past and future license fees,” according to the Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.