German Public Radio Promotes Sympathy for Pedophiles, Profiles Woman Who Lets a Pedophile Look After Her Children

National public radio in Germany ran a recent segment promoting sympathy for pedophiles who fight their constant urges to rape children and profiled a woman who trusts her children in the care of a pedophile.

The public radio station, Deutschlandfunk (DLF), aired the episode on July 26 titled “Under Control – How Pedophiles Live With Their Addiction.” They profiled a pedophile going under the name “Max” who defined pedophilia as “sexual preference that deviates from the norm” and justified his pedophilia by saying that heterosexual males do not “attack every woman” that they find attractive.

Additionally, Max works with an organization working to mainstream pedophiles and facilitate a network between these deviants. The organization, called Schicksal Und Herausforderung, which translates to Destiny and Challenge in the English language, aims to promote “self-help among pedophiles” and combat “the enormous stigma and making information about this sexual preference easily accessible.”

Max admitted on the pedophile network that he wants to have sexual relations with women between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.


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