Members of ‘Little Rock Nine’ who integrated Arkansas schools slam moves against AP African American studies

A group that integrated Little Rock Central High School in 1957 when it was segregated by race has come out to decry Arkansas barring AP African American studies from counting toward credit for graduation.

Arkansas has not banned AP African American studies from its schools but said the class will not count for credit toward graduation for high school students as it reviews the material.

“Until it’s determined whether it violates state law and teaches or trains teachers in CRT and indoctrination, the state will not move forward,” the Arkansas Department of Education said, referring to critical race theory.

“Little Rock Nine” members interviewed with NBC News and said they were not surprised but are disappointed at the move by the state.

Terrence Roberts, a member of the group who is now 81 years old, said there shouldn’t be “laws restricting their ability to learn, or what they could learn” and called it “ridiculous” that Arkansas banned critical race theory from its schools…


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