‘Lunch-pail cornball’ Biden griped ‘professor’ Obama couldn’t say ‘f–k you properly’: book

WASHINGTON — President Biden griped that his onetime boss Barack Obama wasn’t down-home enough — and couldn’t even say “F–k you!” properly, according to “The Last Politician’’ by well-connected author Franklin Foer.

While President Obama and his then-vice president were in sync on a lot of things, there was an underlying “tinge of class rivalry to their gibes,” according to the new biography.

Foer described the pair as “the lunch-pail cornball” (Biden) “and the effete professor culturally” (Obama) “chafing each other.

“Biden told a friend that Obama didn’t know how to say f–k you properly, with the right elongation of vowels and the necessary hardness of his consonants,” Foer writes. “It was how they must curse in the ivory tower.”

Biden, 80, was concerned that Obama, 62, wasn’t being tough enough, including in Afghanistan, listening too much to his advisers without pushing back, Foer says.

Biden had advised Obama to rebuke his generals’ advice on staying put in Afghanistan, whispering to his boss soon after the pair took over the White House, “These generals are trying to box in a new president” and, “Don’t let them jam you,” according to the book.


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