Netanyahu to Meet Musk Amid Anti-Semitism Controversy

Musk’s CEO Linda Yaccarino has emphasized building a rapport with civil rights groups and has said the platform is working to combat antisemitism.

But in August, Musk liked posts under #BanTheADL, a hashtag popularized by extremists like Nick Fuentes. By the end of the month, #BanTheADL ranked among X’s top trending topics.

The ADL, CCDH, and others used to research hate speech on the site using large-language models, or LLMs, which are AI-powered tools capable of combing vast databases for fine-tuned results.

Researchers say recent updates to X’s software interface block full access to data without a subscription to an enterprise account which starts at $42,000 per month. Outpriced researchers must rely on smaller sample sizes, which are inherently less accurate than LLM analyses.

The Monday evening talks with Netanyahu come a few months after Musk likened liberal-leaning philanthropist George Soros to a Jewish comic book supervillain.

Baseless antisemitic conspiracy theories have made the rounds of X saying Soros, a Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor, is the linchpin of a hidden global elite bent on overthrowing the world.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry accused Musk of legitimizing harmful tropes, saying his comparison “reeked of anti-Semitism.”