Tucker Carlson in Argentina: What a Collapsing Society Looks Like; You Are Left Impoverished, They Are Left Rich

TUCKER CARLSON: Imagine if that was your country. This is your national currency, it has the value of home insulation. This was your work product, this is what you spent all day working on and this is what you hope to feed your family with, send your kids to school, and buy clothes. And it had been rendered worthless by greedy dishonest pigs running your government and lecturing you about transgenderism, but in the end you were left impoverished and they were left rich. That’s theft.

It wasn’t some sort of, you know, savage situation there it looked like a bank almost. Though its illegal and you know, and had a sort of shady vibe. It was very orderly, but imagine if your life going four times to a ‘cave’ just to get the actual exchange rate on your money that you made by working. They are stealing, and they are lying, and they are enforcing that lie at gun point. They close those places down because they’re this little window into reality that the government can’t tolerate. That’s what a collapsing society looks like, everybody is moving backwards. Nobody can tell the truth about anything, the functions of ordinary life have to be conducted in caves. In Argentina the incentives are now so perversely inverted that many people decide it’s not worth working, they can make more money idle.\

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