‘What’s the point?’ Trump’s lawyers float canceling fraud trial after major ruling

On Tuesday, Judge Arthur Engoron issued a major ruling concluding that Trump’s businesses routinely engaged in fraudulent activity by misstating values on forms for bank loans. The day after, Trump’s attorneys were reportedly asking the court exactly what that ruling means and if it’s a death sentence for Trump’s organization.

Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, reportedly pressed the judge to clarify whether Trump must shutter some corporate entities or if he’d be forced to relinquish just about everything. Kise didn’t get an answer to that, but he did float the possibility of canceling the rest of the trial, according to AP.

Kise raised the possibility of canceling the trial altogether since Engoron had already ruled on the biggest issue, asking: ‘What’s the point?'” The judge didn’t cancel the trial.


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