Messages From My Israeli Family


Thanks for checking in and thinking of us.

The situation is indeed difficult, especially in the south. This is nothing like previous rounds with Hammas, and considering the extent of attack on civilians, and the ~100 (likely more) kidnapped to Gaza — an absolute extreme.

In Tel Aviv it’s not as bad. We take shelter whenever there’s a rocket strike, and are staying in as it’s possible that some terrorists have not been captured and could be anywhere… 

I hope this will end soon, but beyond the next couple of weeks, I’m worried about the long run effect on Israel — the extreme right may further gain power, peace prospects will continue to diminish, and we will not feel much safer 🙁

Hoping for better days,




Thank you for your concern!

We are fine. Our oldest granddaughter N serves but not in the line of fire.

Indeed we live through shameful tragedy. Regarding “tragedy” there is nothing to add, regarding “shameful” – we have a shameful failure propagating from the top down …

We may have more casualties all around the country in the coming days, but we’ll prevail!

What’s needed is letters to your respective congressmen – requiring full support for the State of Israel.

Take care all of you,

A and all of your Israeli family

You can write to your congressman to stand with Israel here:

Please write your congressman to support Israel

From my father (here in America):

We have purchased an emergency motorcycle for the blood center. The driver/medic rips around to help injured people. They are faster and more mobile than an ambulance.

We also asked the cousins what other charity they would suggest that would be more immediate help

Question for Discussion:

  1. What will you do to support the middle east’s only democracy and the worlds only Jewish state?