Conservatives tried to warn America that ‘social justice’ meant violence and hate

As war rages in Israel, it’s been sad and clarifying to see that much of the American Left has been unable to collectively denounce Hamas. The progressive mindset, which has advanced social justice issues above all else, moving from the faculty lounge to the heart of the Democratic party, has brought the left to this point. Conservatives tried to point out the fallacies of this mindset but were often ignored or labeled bigots.

The world has watched in horror as the terrorist group Hamas slayed elderly Jews, raped women, and beheaded babies before our eyes — and gloated about it, too. They’re still holding hundreds hostage even as Israel prepared to launch a counter attack that would minimize the loss of civilian Palestinians. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Still, that hasn’t stopped American liberals, young and old, from ignoring the atrocities or even siding with Hamas. Cornell University Professor Russell Rickford gave a speech in New York insinuating that the Hamas terrorist attacks and the deaths of Jews “energized” and “exhilarated” him. Massive pro-Palestine protests, seemingly unbothered by Hamas’ destruction of Israeli civilians, have broken out in Dearborn, Michigan, Dallas, Texas, and other places.

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