2020 Biden: “I’m worried that [Trump] is going to get us into a war with Iran.”

You know how we all laugh when leftists say something about their political enemies and you can tell they are projecting about themselves?

We even call it the “Iron Law of Woke Projection.”

That’s all fine and good when we’re watching the wokies call us racist and haters of dEmoCraCy, but what about when we’re talking about WW3?

Yeah, so Biden took a look at all that peace in the Middle East and no new wars and he said “Trump is gonna screw this up.”

He was arguing that if you didn’t elect him president, Trump was gonna launch a massive war with Iran. I’m sure Trump’s decision to wipe Iran’s terror chief off the map – a man who was responsible for thousands of American deaths – was part of that argument.

“He’s close to getting us into a war.”

Good thing we elected Biden then!


Approved ~ MJM