This American is in a “lesbian” relationship and is suing Japan because it won’t recognize the transgender insanity 🤡

This “transgender lesbian” (a straight dude with extra steps) is suing Japan because they won’t recognize his chosen gender identity and respect his “lesbian” romance.

(For some weird reason, they think a man who is in a relationship with a woman isn’t a lesbian!)

Japan does not recognize same-sex marriage (because that’s not a real thing), and they won’t recognize someone’s gEnDeR iDeNtiTy without them getting the necessary… physical alterations.

In 2021, while living as a resident of Japan, McCready and his spouse, Midori Morita, filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government arguing that their refusal to acknowledge his marriage as a lesbian union was unconstitutional…

In addition to demanding he be recorded as being in a same-sex marriage, McCready is seeking financial compensation of 2.2 million yen ($19,920) in damages. If the legal challenge is successful, McCready and his wife will potentially be one of the first-ever officially recognized lesbian marriages in Japan.

Like many trans activists, McCready has stayed in the spotlight and caused a ruckus in lots of other places as well, insisting that everyone around him denies reality and believes his fantasy.

in 2021, McCready was kicked out of a lesbian bar in Japan (because, again, he’s a dude) and proceeded to trash the bar as “transphobic” on social media.

Then he went to a female-only club just a few weeks later, clearly looking for trouble, was removed, and then went on to trash them as well.


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