Pro-Israel parents booted from heated school board meeting

At its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Community Education Council 14 defended its sponsoring of a pro-Palestine walkout on Nov. 9 and kicked out parents who disagreed.CEC 14 Zoom

A parent school board meeting in Brooklyn descended into hate and chaos as more than two dozen people, including many Israel supporters, were tossed from the virtual event.

The Wednesday meeting was the first for the Community Educational Council for District 14, which covers Williamsburg and Greenpoint, since its controversial promotion of a Nov. 9 pro-Palestinian rally in which hundreds of students walked out of school, including some who yelled “f–k the Jews!”

A father who questioned the organizations CEC 14 partnered with for the walkout, including Youth for Palestine, was told by Vice President Marissa Manzanares, “Redirect yourself or you will be removed.”

Another dad, who said he fears for the safety of his Jewish kids, tried to address the CEC’s posts about “settler colonialism” and “apartheid” but was cut off and berated.

“You need to be lectured,” a fellow attendee told him, while another snapped, “Have you come to a CEC meeting before?”

The chat section of the CEC meeting on Wednesday night took center stage as parents feuded over Israel and Palestine.
CEC 14 zoom

While many Jewish parents were booted, other parents were allowed to freely spew antisemitic comments.

“There is literally no proof of Israeli babies being murdered or Israeli women raped,” one attendee wrote.

Those who praised controversial CEC 14 president Tajh Sutton went uninterrupted long past the one-minute time limit for speakers. Many had #StandWithTajh backgrounds on their screens.

Parents debated the Community Education Council’s place in taking a political stance on the Israel-Hamas war during a virtual meeting.
CEC 14 zoom

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