The woke Left and extreme Islamism have joined forces

The rise of radical Islamism, I believe, has been facilitated by what Suella Braverman warned about – decades of mass, uncontrolled and unassimilated immigration that has led to the importation of tribal grievances from abroad into British communities.

The Government has not only failed to deport foreign nationals who openly glorify Islamist terror, but at least one senior Hamas militant has been granted British citizenship, as well as social housing and welfare support.

Much of this is being enabled by the second big threat, which has also been apparent in recent weeks: the rise of a radical woke Left, whose supporters have joined marches in the full knowledge that elements within them are endorsing terrorism and anti-Semitism.

This was best symbolised, last week, by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refusing more than a dozen times during a TV interview to call Hamas what it is – a terrorist group.

As in America, the woke Left is reshaping society around an utterly divisive and unBritish worldview which contends that the country comprises only two competing groups: the morally inferior ‘oppressors’, including the white majority, Jews and basically all Western nations, and the morally superior ‘oppressed’ minorities, such as Muslims and other chosen minority groups.