You Need To Calm Down

I present Taylor Swift’s You Need To Calm Down, with accompanying images.
You are somebody that I don’t know

But you’re taking shots at me like it’s Patrón

And I’m just like, damn, it’s 7am

Say it in the street, that’s a knock-out

But you say it in a Tweet, that’s a cop-out

And I’m just like, “Hey, are you okay?”

And I ain’t trying to mess with your self-expression

But I’ve learned the lesson that stressin’

And obsessin’ ’bout somebody else is no fun

And snakes and stones never broke my bones so

So, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

You need to calm down

You’re being too loud

And I’m just like oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh (oh)

You need to just stop

Like, can you just not step on my gown?

You need to calm down

You are somebody that we don’t know

But you’re coming at my friends like a missile

Why are you mad?

When you could be GLAAD? (You could be GLAAD)

Sunshine on the street at the parade

But you would rather be in the dark ages

Making that sign, must’ve taken all night

You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace

And control your urges to scream about all the people you hate

‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay

Questions for Discussion:

Does Taylor Swift’s song about homophobia strike a chord with you?

Why do far leftists hate the most tolerant, pluralistic, diverse and inclusive country in the Middle East?

Do you support efforts to eliminate homophobia internationally?