Man’s gross prank goes horribly wrong after his pants catch on fire

He suffered from a serious case of fart-burn.

A Chinese man’s attempt to light his fart literally backfired after he accidentally set his pants ablaze, as seen in viral footage igniting the internet.

A video obtained by South West News Service shows Bin Touzi of Jilin province lying on his bed as he prepares to, well, add fuel to the fire.

Heeding Bin’s instruction, a friend and idiocy enabler — who unsurprisingly wished to remain anonymous — raises a lighter to his buddy’s bum.

He ignites it right as the prankster lets ‘er rip, creating a massive fireball that sets Bin’s pants on fire like a failed gender reveal party in his pants.

The clip ends with the gassy guy rolling around on the bed in a panic as he pats his blazing bottom in an attempt to get out of the hot seat.

Thankfully, he eventually manages to extinguish the inferno before it can spread.

According to Science Illustrated, the pyrotechnic reaction occurs when the hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide in farts interact with fire to form a flame, essentially like pouring gasoline on a fire.

“Depending on the quantity of fiber consumed, hydrogen content of flatulence can vary between 8% and 63%,” the publication reported. “Hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide together make up some 75% of a typical fart. As the gases mix with the oxygen of the air, they form a flammable cocktail.”


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